2018 Dealer renewal letter from LAT EVP Mireya Zapata.

2018 Associate renewal letter from LAT EVP Mireya Zapata.

“LAT offers me the forum to connect, share, learn and grow with other dealers in the business, as well as ourvalued associate members.   No other forum allows us to form lasting friendships with others in this business…something I value very much.”

Brian McCoy, McCoy’s Building Supply

Interested in becoming a member of LAT?

Dealers click here and Associates click here for a dues schedule.


Need to renew your membership?  Click the appropriate link above to download the membership payment form and mail it in or fax it to LAT.

Membership dues are to be determined by your company's gross annual sales and includes membership in NLBMDA.  LAT relies on the honor system.  Please be fair and correct when paying your member dues.

Not sure if you're a Regular (Dealer) Member or an Associate Member? Regular membership is open to all lumber and building material dealers.  Associate membership is open to all people or businesses who are wholesalers, manufacturers, brokers, out of state dealers, or people or businesses who provide services to the Regular members.

Regular Membership


$100 million and up
$50,000,001 - $100 million
$25,000,001 - $50 million
$10,000,001 - $25 million
$5,000,001 - $10 million
 Up to  $5 million


Associate Membership


Manufacturer/Wholesaler/Distributor/Broker - LARGE Firm (7 or more states)
Manufacturer/Wholesaler/Distributor/Broker - MEDIUM Firm (3 to 6 states)
Manufacturer/Wholesaler/Distributor/Broker - STATE Firm (2 or fewer states)
Manufacturer/Wholesaler/Distributor/Broker - Additional Subscriptions
Firm Selling Member Services
Retailer not in Texas or Louisiana