Texas Legislative Watch

Texas' 82nd Regular Legislative Session begins Tuesday, January 11, 2011.  Prefiling of legislation began November 8th, and LAT's legislative committee has already begun reviewing the filed bills for those of interest to our members.  We will continue to work diligently to represent the needs and concerns of our members to Texas lawmakers.


During the 81st Regular Session, through our relationships with State legislators, LAT coordinated the writing and passage of HB 669 which better defines what is considered to be a fraudulent lien and allows typographical or technical errors in lien filings to be corrected and the lien re-filed with no financial penalty.  HB 669 was signed by the Governor and became law September 1, 2009.  


For a printable list of bills passed into law during the 81st Regular Session and applicable to Texas Lumber Dealers, click here.