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Our story begins over 130 years ago when a group of Texas lumber dealers gathered together in Austin to talk over mutual problems and opportunities, and the need for cooperation as they supplied the builders who were providing homes for a growing Texas.

Serving Dealers.  Supporting Builders.  Since 1886.

LAT Fact Sheet

The date was 1886, and the dealers were from Waco, San Antonio, Sherman and Corsicana.  And while much has changed in our state and our membership, we still gather today as they did then to support each other, the industry, and the continued growth in our region.

The Lumbermen's Association of Texas and Louisiana (LAT) is a non-profit trade association that now represents dealers from both Texas and Louisiana and has, in its history, included dealers from Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.  LAT has also grown to include being affiliated with the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA), headquartered in Washington, D.C. Becoming a member of LAT also includes membership in NLBMDA.

Headquartered in Austin, LAT works predominantly on state legislative and regulatory activities.  Two full-time staff and volunteer membership leadership  manages membership, legislation, our annual convention, and a variety of member services, including newsletters, email communications on urgent issues, an annual directory and buyers guide, educational seminars, webinars and tours, books and manuals for the industry, and other services as needs arise.  We are a member-driven association, and the majority of our dealer members are independent, family-owned businesses.  

Explore our website to learn more about all our events and services, LUMPAC, our political action committee, and the other services that serve our members.

Our Mission and Values

In 2006, LAT underwent several months of strategic planning and has met annually since then to evaluate and ensure the strategic plan is being followed.  The leadership stated our mission and our values:

Our Mission:  To create unity, strength and a spirit of cooperation among building material suppliers to advance the industry and better serve our customers.

Our Values:  As we honor our proud past and unique culture, we value integrity, ethics, commitment, professionalism and innovation to better serve our industry and communities through our cooperative strength as an association

Become a Member

There are two types of membership in LAT.  Regular membership is open to all lumber and building material dealers.  Associate membership is open to all people or businesses who are wholesalers, manufacturers, brokers, out of state dealers, or people or businesses who provide services to the Regular members.  Visit Membership to learn more.

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December 2016 Austin Regional Meeting